I have a dream…

Some random dreams that I have had that I still remember and I would like to share in the medium:

  • I go to your house as fast as I can to reach you out and I really want to be in your arms forever. I arrived, only to get kicked out by your father because he knows the truth about ours.
  • My mom, my brother, and I were in the middle of a random and sunny farmers market. We were hiding in a telephone booth, terrified about something chasing us. My mom holds us tightly. We’re too scared to get out of that booth.
  • It was in the middle of Upacara Bendera hari Senin, and then I saw Halmo sneak out from the line to go out of school that day. Then, I stalked him until he noticed. He decided to count me in to go on a road trip with his two friends that I don’t know with the red Starlet car. The last thing I remember we were on the way to Bali and then arrived in the USA, IDK which part of the USA but we were safe and thrilled with that journey.
  • will continue with some more…

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